How to Remove Ticks and Treat Tick Bites in Babies and Toddlers

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How to remove ticks and treat tick bites in babies and toddlers, plus how to check for Lyme disease.

Tick Bite

Tick Bite

“The great outdoors come with a lot of perks — and pests. Ticks, in particular, can transmit potentially dangerous illnesses like Lyme disease. Fortunately, most of these infections are fully treatable, as long as they’re caught early on. Here’s your guide to removing ticks and treating tick bites.”

Is your family like most families and likes to spend time outdoors during the summer? Well, if your kids have been hiking, camping, or playing in grassy areas, chances are they could get a tick bite. So take a gander at this post from What To Expect, and be prepared in case your little one gets bitten.

Tick Bites In Children