Summer Tomato Pie

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Summer Tomato Pie

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“There’s a spectrum to Tomato Pies.  There are the Tomato Pies that think themselves Apple Pies:  double crusted, savory but spiced, and very very wet….  

There are the Tomato Pies that should really be called Cheese Pie and the good Lord knows there’s not a thing wrong with those pies and the grace and joy they bring to the world.  

Then there’s this:  part tomato pie, part quiche, heavy on the ricotta, very fine indeed.    

We’re letting tomatoes (are you growing your own?  That’s my daydream for you), have their time to shine, bound in creamy egg and herbed cheese.  

It’s breakfast, lunch and definitely dinner. Perfect weekend vibes, so let’s!”

Summer Tomato Pie

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