How to Stop Denim Dye from Bleeding

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How to Stop Denim Dye from Bleeding

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“Is there anything better than finding a great-looking pair of jeans that fits just right? It’s like finding the Holy Grail. But even when you think you’ve found the pair of your dreams, there’s one “wild card” factor with the potential to cause you some major headaches – colorfastness.

Not only does “bleeding” dye have the potential to stain your other clothes, but can also cause the overall color of your jeans to fade rapidly. But by taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your jeans will look great for a long time to come.”

A couple of years ago I bought a really great pair of jeans and I loved them! But just like Jillee mentioned above, I never paused to consider their colorfastness. That is, until I was out of town and had to handwash my dirty jeans in the bathtub. Even though I’d washed the jeans dozens of times before, the rinse water in the bathtub kept running blue. Thankfully I never found any of the blue dye transferred to my other clothes, but man, it really could have caused some staining!

If you have a pair of jeans that you’ve recently bought, check out this post from One Good Thing By Jillee to learn how to test their colorfastness and how to prevent the dye from bleeding. You’ll be so thankful you did.

How to Stop Denim Dye from Bleeding

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