How To Make A Live Edge River Table

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How To Make A Live Edge River Table

How To Make A live Edge River Table

How To Make A Live Edge River Table Photo credit: @benpetchel (Ben Petchel Media )

In this video John builds a live edge river table with the most insane piece of walnut I have ever seen. He uses a highly exotic piece of walnut from Oregon. When the slab came in it was almost 12′ long x 5′ wide. With the glass insert the table ends up at roughly 8′ x 40″.

This table is absolutely gorgeous, I would pay a lot of money to have a piece like this in my home! See how you can make one on very own river table today. If you have experience with woodworking, this should be a decent DIY project to keep you busy for a while.

If you’re a beginner this may be a little tricky but definitely doable with the video and step by step tutorial.

river table

Photo Credit: @benpetchel (Ben Petchel Media )

This river table had a ton of tricky parts and speed bumps along the way. If you decide to make one, please do send in your pictures, we would love to see them. Check out the full video build and walk through below if you would like to pick up some tips to build your own river table!

Here is the link to the step-by-step tutorial so you can see how to make this beautiful table!