How to Feed Chickens On a Budget

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How to Feed Chickens On a Budget

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“My husband, John, and I have had a small flock of chickens for almost a year. Now, one thing John and I quickly learned was just because you have chickens in your backyard, doesn’t mean the eggs are free. Heck, it doesn’t even mean the eggs are cheaper than the grocery store. This bit of information is clear: Organic, free-range, homegrown chickens and their eggs will never be cheaper than the grocery store (for us anyway). That doesn’t mean we can’t save a little money and still feed our ladies quality food.”

Don’t waste money feeding your chickens when you can give them a high-quality, highly nutritious diet on a budget. And with the help of this post, you can do just that! Go ahead and give it a read, soon your hens will be thanking you and rewarding you with amazing eggs.