Homemade Irish Cream (Perfect for Gift-giving!)

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Homemade Irish Cream (Perfect for Gift-giving!)

Credit to: smittenkitchen.com

You could and totally should do this at home! I had heard over the years that you could make this at home easily but I wasn’t unhappy with what I could buy (Bailey’s) so why would I bother? With my eyes closed, I’d unquestionably take a sip and say ‘Wow, Bailey’s is even better than I remember it. Why don’t I drink it more often?’”

Would you like to make up some nice hostess gifts for the rest of your holiday gatherings? You should really make them this homemade Irish cream. Do you want a nice little indulgence for an evening cocktail? Make it with this homemade Irish cream. Do you want to take normal things like French toast or waffles and elevate them to make them more special? Add in some of this homemade Irish cream.

This stuff comes together so quickly and easily and is a real treat. And when it’s more cost effective and tastier than Bailey’s, that makes it a no-brainer.

Homemade Irish Cream (Perfect for Gift-giving!)

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