Cranberry Bourbon Fizz

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Cranberry Bourbon Fizz

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“Hey hey!  Anyone looking for a simple cocktail for holiday entertaining this year?

I’ve gotcha covered.  😘

This Cranberry Bourbon Fizz literally takes less than a minute to make, it calls for just three simple ingredients (yep, ginger beer is the mystery “fizz”), and it’s totally fizzy and fun and festive!  Feel free to sprinkle a few extra cranberries on touch for those wintery holiday vibes, or hey, an extra sprig of rosemary or a cinnamon stick or an orange peel would be fabulous if you feel like going crazy and making this a four ingredient cocktail.”

Oooh, I just love holiday drinks, don’t you? And this Cranberry Bourbon Fizz is a definite winner. Spicy ginger beer, tart cranberry juice, bourbon… it’s all so fabulous. So when you want to raise your glass for a toast or to celebrate, be sure this tasty fizzy drink is in it.

Cranberry Bourbon Fizz