A Dozen Edibles Pretty Enough To Fool Your HOA

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A Dozen Edibles Pretty Enough To Fool Your HOA

Credit to: attainable-sustainable.net

“If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association (HOA), you probably know all too well how restrictive they can be in what’s allowed—or more frustratingly—not allowed. HOAs often don’t allow chickens. Or painting your home outside of a very narrow color spectrum. Or planting a vegetable garden in the front yard. Instead of growing food, they insist that you maintain a certain amount of lawn, requiring regular mowing and intensive fertilizing to achieve that lush green swath and a sense of conformity.

If you’re facing micro-management via your HOA but would really like to grow some of your own food, take heart. You can maintain that requirement of 70% lawn in the front yard and still harvest some edibles. The trick is to create a beautiful, lush border that—unbeknownst to the “board”—is actually feeding your family. These are so pretty, nobody will know the difference.”

Whether you’re trying to evade HOA rules or are just seeking some extra gardening space for your edible crops, check out this list of lovely plants that would be just as at home in your front yard as they would your vegetable garden. Since I’m working on landscaping the front and side yards of my home I’m going to be sure to follow some of these suggestions and plant artichokes, rhubarb, lemongrass, and asparagus.

A Dozen Edibles Pretty Enough To Fool Your HOA


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