How To Make Your Own Safe “Softscrub” For Pennies

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How To Make Your Own Safe “Softscrub” For Pennies


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I’m always looking for ways to avoid harsh chemicals in my home, especially since I have children and pets.  Therefore, this has led me to making a lot of my own cleaning products.  In addition to the benefit of this homemade scrub not having nasty chemicals in it, it’s also very inexpensive and easy to make.


I’ve had success making this scrub and using it to clean the bathroom fixtures in my home.  I like that it’s customizable with the choice of essential oil or fragrance of castile soap used.  My favorite oil to use is lemon, like shown in the picture, but tea tree oil (melaleuca), cinnamon, clove, or lavender would work nicely too.  I also enjoy knowing that it’s a gentle cleanser that won’t damage the finish on the tub or toilet.

How To Make Your Own Safe “Softscrub” For Pennies

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